MCL-Episode 11 Walkthrough


Outfit: 175$

I think that’s how much it costs anyways xD WARNING! EPISODE 10 EFFECTS THIS EPISODE ALSO. The boring orinteering race has begun! Choose your partner…





It starts off with you coming back from episode 10. The orinteering race has begun now. ChiNiMiko will ask you if you want to switch partners for 100 APs before the good stuff happens. Your partner depends on episode 10.

A. Yes, switch partners.

Pay 100 APs»New partner

B. No, thanks.

Pay no APs»Same partner

Once you’ve made your choice the episode will begin.

You’ll first meet Alexy who’s looking for Armin. He’ll ask you to find Armin, then he leaves. Go to the student council and talk to Melody. Since she’s pretty much useless, go talk to Violette who then will also remind herself that she has to put on her outfit, which also reminds you to buy an outfit from Boris. Violette will tell you where Armin is first, though (Gym).

Find Armin in the Gym.

Find Boris in Classroom B.

Buy an outfit.

Now, you’ll have to search for your partner.

Once you’ve found your partner, go to the courtyard. You might have to go more than once before you get on the bus to the forest-this is an orinteering race, remember.

Now you’ll have to waste many APs doing this.Go explore the forest, every place you can find, more than once.

You’ll have to wait for the other students from other schools to arrive too, so more exploring!

Go listen to instructions after.

*Your Candy will want to find Amber though.

Ask for some help from Melody and Violette.

Find Amber.

After a short while, you’ll reach the end of Part 1.

yay tumblr_m3lmfu2hWg1qbk8f5.gif photo

But that’s not the end. There’re 2 more parts.

You’re probably like

What 21j4x6ojpg.gif photo


There’re three parts. Each one gets harder and harder. I will update the next part when I’ve reached Part Three.

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